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MercyTree is a faith-based ministry that serves people in need of help to face life's struggles, strength to overcome addictions, and hope for a better future.


MercyTree Network is a Christ-centered recovery program that reaches out, meets needs, and changes lives using a comprehensive approach to social service.  


We provide individual counseling, mentoring groups, and classes that teach and support practical life and relationship skills. 


MercyTree's leadership desires to offer hope to those in need and to demonstrate care for our community in practical ways.


Our Mission

Hear from Dennis Doyle and Christina Mays as they share the mission behind MercyTree Network.


Change Groups

Content for Change Groups


MercyTree uses the Genesis Process which blends Christian teaching with the latest understanding of the brain to create an effective road map to changing lives.

Each group will meet weekly for 2 hours and participants will be required to attend each session. The Genesis principals and tools can help those who are willing to change be able to change. Whether the issue is anxiety, anger, alcohol, drugs, food abuse, work, a critical attitude or spiritual stagnation this unique process is easy to apply and simple to implement.


Part One | 12 weeks


Part One focuses on understanding and healing the wounds from relationships that are the driving force behind self-destructive behavior. You will understand why you do the very things you don’t want to do through self-evaluation and the safe environment of a Change Group. Having completed the foundational concepts and tools from Part 1, you will be prepared to do the deeper healing work in Part 2, completing the journey to lasting recovery.


Part Two | 12 weeks


Part Two provides proven principles and tools for obtaining lasting personal change. You will learn that the behaviors that you struggle with are symptoms of subconscious fear. Fear is overcome by faith and faith requires risk. These most subconscious fears are located deep in your heart and were caused by people you trusted who hurt you. Part 2 focuses on exposing and healing these heart wounds, thus freeing you from the destructive coping behaviors they generate.




To learn more about the Genesis Process go to: 


If you want to change your behavior, you must change your heart. Change Groups start the first week of every month.


To sign up for a Change Group, go to our Schedule.




Life Skills Classes

No one stays the same.  We are constantly changing.   The question is whether you are growing towards personal health?   MercyTree’s classes will range from practical skills towards more challening experiences that will stretch you. 


Go to our Schedule to learn more about the current classes being offered and to sign up.



MercyTree Network primarily provides services to the 

Warrensburg area. Our community has a limited number of nonprofit organizations specifically serving people in need but none of them are related to a church. As a result, MercyTree will be positioned to fill a great need.

Bridging the Community

MercyTree fosters inclusiveness by reaching beyond the faith community. We anticipate serving as a bridge from the community into the life of FBC. 


MercyTree networks with other social service agencies. We seek out strategic partnerships in order to have a referral process and a network of resources for clients.

What do we ask of you? View Our Participation Agreement.


MercyTree operates according to HIPPA requirements, view our policy here.



I grew up in Austin, Texas as the son of a high ranking police officer who had no use for faith and a mom who was a devoted Baptist. I came to faith in Jesus at age 10 and have served as a pastor since 1986. I served for 15 years as a Collegiate Minister working with students at the University of Central Missouri. That was a great experience! In 2001, I made a transition in life and began serving as the Pastor of Adult Ministries at First Baptist Church in Warrensburg, MO. FBC is a larger church in a smaller town. I am still serving at FBC, but I’m beginning to make some transitions in life, which includes starting MercyTree and working on my master’s degree in counseling.

Dennis Doyle

Licensed Professional Counselor

and Executive Director

Rosanne Lichtie

Recovery Support Coach

Dave White

Spiritual Counselor




Ready to get involved?

Interested in volunteering with our team, joining a life skills group, or participating in an individual counseling session? Fill out the form below, and we will gladly follow up with you!

Thanks for contacting MercyTree! Our team will be contacting you soon!

Donate to MercyTree Network

MercyTree Network is a subsidairy of a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, and all donations are tax deductible.


To make an online donation to MercyTree:


1. Click the link below

2. Sign In or Set up a Giving Account

3. Select the MercyTree Network Fund



Check out our Frequently Asked Questions Page or send us your questions using the form above.

MercyTree Network

1302 S. Maguire

Warrensburg, MO 64093


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