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Where is MercyTree? 

We meet at First Baptist Church at 1302 S Maguire. Come in the main lobby and we'll meet you there. 


When do Change Groups start?

We will start new Change Groups during the first week of each month. Once a groups starts it will be closed to new members.

Check our schedule to see our current groups and classes. 


How long do Change Groups meet? 

Part 1 lasts 12 weeks and Part 2 lasts 12 weeks. 

Are Change Groups open to people who don't have a drug or alcohol addictions?

Yes! If you know you want to change and some help, we'd love for you to participate. 


Do I have to come from a faith background? 

No, but the Genesis Process is a faith based program so you'll need to be receptive and open minded to participate.


Do I have to attend church there?

No, but finding a church home will help in your recovery and you'll avoid being isolated. 


Do you have programs for children? 

Yes, we encourage children starting at age 4 to participate in FBC's AWANA program  on Wednesday evenings from 6:00-8:00 pm.  


Will I be required to pay?  

Yes, based on a sliding income scale. We know that people will take more seriously what they pay for. Books for the Change Groups and Life Skills classes will be reasonably priced. ATR clients will be covered by their grant allotments.  


Does MercyTree accept insurance? 

Not at this time. 


Does Mercy Tree provide in-patient treatment?  

No, we can help you in your recovery after you have completed a in-patient program.


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